Locust Bean Gum

Locust Bean Gum is a textural ingredient obtained from the seeds of the sophisticated carob tree (Ceratonia Siliqua). Locust Bean Gum is only soluble after heating to 80-90 C°, depending on time and shear. Viscosity at 1% ranges from 1800 to 3000 cps.

Our products are suitable for a large spectrum of food systems as a thickening agent and in certain gel systems as a texture modifier by means of high quality.

Advanced textural properties are maximized by our innovative approach combined with our many years of experience. Our unique production method introduces premium quality to Locust Bean Gum in every aspect. Thanks to that unique production method we can also respond the special needs of our customers with our Tailor Made Locust Bean Gum which means adjustable viscosity, color and mesh size.



LBG – A01 Min. 2800 cps Approx. 150 mesh
LBG – A02 Min. 2400 cps Approx. 150 mesh
LBG – A03 Min. 2000 cps Approx. 150 mesh
LBG – A04 Min. 1600 cps Approx. 150 mesh
LBG – PET Min. 400 cps Approx. 150 mesh